Chief of Staff for KAUST Medical Clinic (KMC)

Physician executive who provides effective leadership and expertise in all clinical and administrative matters in the clinic setting. Assumes overall responsibility for management of the day to day operations of KMC. Works closely with Director, KAUST Medical Services, his team and higher level KAUST management  to ensure high quality,safe,cost effective patient care; establishes monitoring measures to ensure excellence in clinical care; advances best practice in healthcare.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Demonstrates comprehensive understanding of all elements of healthcare delivery including but not limited to ;strategy, business planning, operations and financial management
  2. Ensures compliance with KAUST clinic contract
  3. Establishes effective means of communication and strong working relationships amongst KMC employees, with KMS team and the wider KAUST community
  4. Establishes leadership through the development of a climate of trust and respect and appropriately represents the best interests of DSFH
  5. Participates and provides leadership in the development of strategic and operational planning at KMC and assumes responsibility and accountability for its implementation. This will be carried out in collaboration with the Director of KAUST Medical Services and his team and with direction from KAUST Medical Board.
  6. Develops and executes manpower plan after coordination with and approval from Director, KAUST Medical Services. Oversights recruitment process to ensure compliance with manpower requirements in KAUST contract.
  7. Oversees strong workforce development through: ecruitment and retention of qualified staff in accordance with contract criteria, Increasing employee satisfaction and engagement, Maximising growth potential of employees, veloping a strong succession planningInvesting in training and developing staff
  8. onducts rounds on a regular basis and ensures action plans to remedy deficiencies are in place and implemented
  9. Provide leadership for patient safety and quality improvement programmes
  10. Ensures compliance with regulatory and accrediting bodies
  11. Oversights development and implementation of  clinical and administrative policies and guidelines and monitors their compliance with national and international standards
  12. Oversights development and implementation of clinical and administrative performance indicators, identifies trends and improves processes where necessary
  13. Plans and coordinates continuing education activities and training for staff based on needs assessment
  14. Plans, manages and controls the elements of the  clinic budget  designated by the contract
  15. Implements safely and in a cost-effective manner new clinic services
  16. Implements and monitors  application of medical staff  bye-laws
  17. Evaluates physician practice through documented physician professional evaluation processes
  18. Evaluates, coaches and counsels other designated clinic staff
  19. Prepares and presents clear and concise reports for higher level management up to level of medical board

Job Requirements / Qualifications:

  1. Ability to operate effectively in complex decision-making setting
  2. Collaborative partner who understands teamwork and integration
  3. Ability to understand the perspectives of physicians and caregivers
  4. Decisive yet supportive of distributed decision making; not afraid to make tough decisions
  5. Open,accessible,visible and approachable to staff
  6. Motivational and inspirational with a commitment to excellence
  7. Excellent communication, listening and negotiation skills. Inclusive of other’s views.
  8. Strategic thinker who is visionary,innovative,creative and willing to take appropriate risk
  9. Maturity in judgement, broad thinking and intellectually agile
  10. Integrity and honesty

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