The Executive Clinic

The Executive Clinic provides its exquisite services, at the most upscale location in Jeddah, equally, to members and non-members.

Members are eligible to the annual executive medical check-up service and several other services; easing they life, improving their lifestyle and keeping them healthy all year round.

The dental and specialty clinics are offered to members at a special price.

Today, more than ever, Health is Wealth and Time is Money. The Executive Clinic is your gateway to enjoying the most of both.

Fakeeh Executive Clinic is a high end, exclusive and dedicated service provider, accommodating your busy lifestyle in a unique and personalized approach.

We capitalize on Fakeeh.Care Group heritage and know-how, while bringing to you the latest industry trends and world class physicians.

Overlooking the Red Sea and nestled on the 11th floor of the Headquarters Business Park, the most thought after destination in the city, The Executive Clinic offers exclusivity to those in search for it.

Expected to start operating on 2017.