King Abdullah Economic City Family Medicine Clinic

King Abdullah Economic City is one of the largest and most important private sector initiatives in the Middle East, encompassing a total area of 168 million sqm along the coast of the Red Sea. The city consists of the Industrial Valley, King Abdullah Port, the Leisure and Commercial districts, the Haramain district, the Residential Coastal districts and the Resorts. The only medical center for primary care and emergencies is operated by Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital Company and operates 24 hours per day.

Healthcare at king Abdullah Economic City 
(a) Mission: 
(i) King Abdullah economic city is committed to provide evidence based, preventive and curative, high quality primary healthcare services to its community citizens and visitors. 
(b) Vision: 
(i) To be a world-class model in holistic, patient-centred healthcare delivery, that significantly contributes to the city’s value proposition.

Current Services: 
The city has its own clinic situated at The World Academy  School. It is run by Family Medicine Consultants under the care of Doctor Soliman Fakeeh Hospital. The clinic was commissioned on March 2013 by a team from Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital. Services provided include family medicine as well as urgent care. There is no lab nor x-ray facilities available. The clinic has a pharmacy store to serve emergency cases and supply patients with the acute medications. Prescriptions are given to patients to be dispensed from Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital in Jeddah or a pharmacy of the patient’s choice. The clinic is operational 24/7. The current staffing levels are as follows: 

•     3 family medicine consultants, 
•     7 staff nurses, 
•     3 paramedics
•     4 ambulance drivers, 
•     2 reception staff 
•     1 cleaner 

The clinic is equipped with 2 ambulances one of which is an ICU ambulance. Emergency cases needing hospital admissions are first stabilized in the clinic and then transferred to the nearest hospital or DSFH, Jeddah. Arrangements are made with the Red Crescent to assist in medical stabilization and transportation when there is more than one case requiring urgent transfer.

Scope of Service: 
1)Provision of family medicine services such as acute and chronic disease management, vaccination, antenatal care, well baby visits and health screenings/check-ups.
2)Urgent Care of any medical or traumatic emergencies  inside KAEC. These include injuries on duty and Road Traffic Accidents. Patients are stabilized and transferred by ambulance if required.
3) School Health Services
3)The clinic runs regular health promotion and education services to the KAEC community. 

4)The clinic provides on-site mobile health services for sporting and other events in the city.
5)The clinic also conducted several outreach healthcare visits to the neighboring villages of Saabar and Alqadima, under the umbrella of EMAAR social responsibility team

As part of the contract, Dr. Soliman Fakeeh Hospital Company provides KAEC residents with education and health awareness programs including the importance of prevention and early intervention in detecting and treating diseases.

Future Of Healthcare in KAEC
The future healthcare developments in KAEC focus on a polyclinic with separate facilities for urgent care and outpatient clinics run by family medicine, specialists and dentists. In addition, there will be a clinic for labourers in the Industrial valley and a school clinic.