For organizations that conduct business in hostile environments or high-risk industries, occupational hazards and ensuing medical emergencies are a reality that can become immensely costly – financial, psychological and workforce-wise – if unattended.

More than often such organizations are far away from advanced medical facilities and treatment options, which tend to increase the fatality rate of even simpler cases.

Stars Crescent Assistance have developed a comprehensive set of remote medical support services which aim to provide faster access to enhanced medical treatment in cases of occupational health emergencies while keeping costs to a minimum.

Medical Personnel Employment

SCA can station a team of medical professionals who are experts at occupational health hazards at the working site.

Combining medical skills and qualifications with in-depth experience in working in remote areas and emergency intervention, SCA staff not only helps prevent but also immediately treat patients.

Medical Evacuation

SCA can offer medical evacuation services for organizations in remote areas. With air ambulance helicopters stationed at the work-site or arranged immediately after request, injured personnel will have fast access to life-saving enhanced medical treatment.

Medical Equipment

Having or not having medical supplies – be they hi-tech medical equipment, pharmaceuticals or simple, but effective supplies – changes the outcome of a life/death situation. SCA can deploy an extensive and affordable set of medical equipment to prevent medical risks or minimize them when they happen. SCA also provides the necessary trainings to designated personnel or employs medical personnel trained to use such equipment.

Medical Clinic

For a total, all-inclusive solution, SCA can build ready-to-go medical clinics on remote working sites. Employed with the necessary medical equipment and personnel and in accordance with the latest health & quality standards, the presence of a medical clinic saves lives, promotes peace-of-mind of workers and boosts morale & productivity.